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December 2008: Who Not To Miss At Jewellery Arabia 2008

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Bling Fiesta!

Thoughts of inner beauty extracted to form visible pieces of external beauty are Jewelry. From vintage looks to the trendy and playful, jewelry adorns our body and graces our being in such a way that it often becomes a part of us.

“The jeweler allows me to wear the sapphire blue lake on my finger, the emerald green leaves around my neck, and take the citrine sunset with me wherever I go.  Jewelry has become my daytime link to nature, in an office with no windows” – Astrid Alauda, “Office with No Windows

Jewelry, which is as old as civilization itself is a magnificent accessory that can be sought out in a wide range of colours and styles. From metals like Platinum, Gold and Silver to Diamonds, Pearls and Gemstones they are available from classic to modern and in divine bursts of colour. Different trends bypass us everyday, but jewelry as a whole is never out of fashion.

At the 17th Jewellery Arabia exhibition that will be held from the 25-29 November 2008 with over 500 exhibitors from 27 nations, make sure you do not miss out on some of our celebrated and loved jewelers with their new collections and surprising offers!

Asia Jewellers

Asia JewellersAsia Jewellers has witnessed growing interest from buyers, watch collectors and visitors. Focused on the future while fiercely proud of its past, Asia Jewelers signature multi-fold promise is well-reflected in the company’s annual participation in Jewellery Arabia: the highest quality luxury goods sourced from international partners; the commitment to reinforce Bahrain’s prominence as a jewelry industry center and as a regional leader for rewarding business; and the implementation of a corporate social responsibility policy that gives back to the Bahraini community.

Hannan Farah says, “Currently in its 17th year of participating in Jewellery Arabia, Asia Jewellers has aimed to introduce and debut new companies at the annual show with whom relationships have been newly developed. This year, for the first time, Audemars Piguet is showcasing its products at the stand, in a specially-dedicated section. Other companies that are repeat exhibitors include Corum, IWC, Chanel, Van Cleep and Arpels, Panerai, Palmiero among many more”.

Bedat & Co. a dealer of luxury watches will be represented by Asia Jewellers.

Asia Jewellers’ main anchor partner, Cartier, is a signature exhibitor at the stand, having become renowned for its unique jewellery sets which are brought in from Paris just for the event.

Kooheji Jewellery

Since starting in 1957, Kooheji Jewellery has sourced the unique and the exclusive from around the world. It kooheji jewellersis specialized in high quality diamond jewellery for medium and high level customers and also covers semi precious stones, wedding sets, rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, brooches and watches. A mix of modern classics & contemporary style, their products are fiercely independent and passionately search for the less ordinary – it loves modern imagination and creativity. Now with four stores including a new one in City Centre, it aims to give each one its own individuality – but above all fill them with products it loves. It houses brands like Giovanni Ferraris and Arzano – the international jewellery brand with exciting feminine designs, high value at affordable prices and exclusively crafted in a superior Swiss quality. “We are special by the different kind of products we offer. Our products lie between two extremes and are beautiful, affordable and out of the ordinary. At Jewellery Arabia we will be introducing new beautiful brands for the first time like Cammilli, Terisi and the new Arzano collections”, says Mr. Areef Kooheji. The wedding collection from Arzano is quite popular and something to look out for!

Devji Aurum

DEVJI AURUMDevji Aurum, the exclusive 21kt jewellery boutique from the house of Devji is a captivating world of handcrafted diamond and gold jewellery collections. Since 1950, exemplary craftsmanship from the House of Devji has been a shining example of reliability and creative excellence in jewellery manufacturing and retailing. Every Devji masterpiece creation epitomizes purity, craftsmanship and value, which are the hallmarks of Devji since its inception.

Mr. Sajith Kottayan says, “We will have four stalls at the exhibition wherein our new family and marine collections will be displayed. We will also have special surprise offers for our customers.” Recently, Devji Aurum added a new jewellery line, Rose gold diamond jewellery, to its Ameera collection that exudes ageless royal splendour. Panther & Marine collections, Chandelier Earrings, Cocktail Rings and Classic Rings collections also bear Devji’s hallmark qualities that have won the hearts of jewellery enthusiasts. Al-Malaiki collection, Devji Aurum’s exclusive handcrafted gold & Diamond jewellery is a classic fusion of yellow gold and diamonds from the Design house has been a hot favourite since its introduction. Devji will continue its mission in promoting designer jewellery by working together with designers from around the world to provide the best to its clients.


Three times winner of the prestigious ‘De Beers’ awards for their jewellery designs Damas houses exclusive Damas Jewelleryin-house collections as well as International brands. Mr. Sayeed Uzzama of Damas says, “DMCC and UAE government has bestowed upon our (Damas’) Late Father Mohammad Taher Abdullah with the First “Lifetime Achievement Award”. This award is a celebration for his great vision and immense contribution to the Jewellery industry in UAE and the Middle East region” Damas is an integrated Jewellery and watch dealer with its Jewellery ranging from the high cuts of solitaires to the funky and carefree cocktail jewellery of the Farfasha brand.

The innovative in-house collections include the majestic Bridal jewellery, exclusive jewellery brands such as Damas Cut, Boudoor, Hayati, Riwaya, Jawaher, Farasha, Fairouz, Harmony, Farfasha, Al Manthourah; and a wide range of other classic and contemporary jewellery and watch collections. Among the international brands are Tiffany & Co, Paspaley, Graff, Parmigiani, Stefan Hafner, Links of London, Roberto Coin, Roberta Porrati and Folli Follie. “At this year’s exhibition we will have our new range ‘Fulla Baby Collection’ and will have two stands, one for the International Brands and another one in Al Fanar hall” continues Mr. Uzzama.

Al Zain Jewellery

al zain jewelleryZain Jewellers is famous for its creations of exquisite hand crafted jewellery made from both 18 and 21 carat white and yellow gold, set with precious stones and natural pearls. It also offers other world-renowned jewellery brands that are synonymous with innovation, quality and perfection.

Zain has a team of professional in-house designers who are experts in their field and constantly create the most exquisite original designs. Some of the designs are inspired by a rich Arabian heritage. Other designs represent an exotic blend of Bedouin, Persian, Turkish, Andalucian and Indian cultures. These designs combine originality with modernity, catering to the distinctive taste of people in the Arabian Gulf and their appreciation of the latest international designs

Mohammed Saidi says, “We began in 1930 in Bahrain and now we are all over the Middle East. Our range of jewellery is made in-house, we were presented with the prestigious Gold Virtuosi Award in 2002 and the Tahitian Pearl Trophy in 2006 for our jewellery designs in the Middle East. Diamond Jewellery will be our highlight in the exhibition and we will also be unveiling new collections”

Noor; The handcrafted yellow gold garnished with pearls and colourful precious stones remains one of the best selling brands by Zain jewelers

Al Mahmood Pearls

In 1982 the first jewelry showroom for pearls – the queen of gems and the gem of queens, was set up in Al Mahmood PearlsBahrain. Run by the ‘Al Mahmood Family’, our Late Emir H.H. Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa presented the founder Mr. Abdul Razak Al Mahmood with the title, ‘Sheikh of Pearls’ in 1998. Mr. Mohammed Al Mahmood says, “Our pearls are purely natural and purchased directly from the divers. At Al Mahmood pearls, each pearl is encased in breathtaking designs created by a team of highly skilled and artistic professionals in the company’s own workshop facility. Our jewellery subsibidary by name of Venice Jewellers will also be participating at the exhibition”.

Over the years, Al Mahmood Pearls has also gained the distinction to be the sole distributor of some of the world’s most famous watch brands and diamond embellished jewellery. The watch brands are: Altanus, Carrera, Exposure, Jovial, Le Marquand, Pierre Cardin and Rodania. Diamond studded jewellery brands include: Bruni Bossio, Le Sibille, Paolo Bongia, Roberto Lagnazzi and Vancox. One can rightly say that any piece of jewellery purchased from here is an heirloom to be treasured for generation.

Jewel House

The sparkling and eye catching jewels that impressed the likes of Hollywood celebrities like Katie Holmes through their associate office in Los Angeles, was one of the most recent milestones for Jewel House. Tracing its roots back to India where it originated 60 years ago, the company has passed through three generations of the Khanna family. ‘Jewel House’ has been established in Bahrain for 25 years with its diamond manufacturing units in India and Bahrain and its jewels (precious and semi-precious stones set in 18kt gold) are specially designed & manufactured in-house.

Mr. Rajesh Khanna the founder & owner in Bahrain says, “Jewel House has participated in Jewellery Arabia for the past 17 years and also participates in exhibitions in countries spanning over three continents to sell our line of Jewellery, some of which are BASEL (Switzerland), Las Vegas and the Fine Design Pavilion of the Hong Kong show”. The Wedding collections that will be showcased by Jewel House at the exhibition are highly in demand. The liking for large gems incorporated in the newly designed necklaces from Jewel House along with their famous long earring Chandeliers are sure to prove that their designs cater to the taste of all!

Bahrain Jewellery Centre

Bahrain Jewellery Centre the sister concern of Behbehani Brothers W.L.L. is a pioneer in the Jewellery business. Established in1978 it deals with watches, jewellery, gift items and fashion accessories. BJC now has a total of six branches some of which are exclusively dedicated to its best selling brands like Chopard – for renowned brands of Watches & Jewellery, Tiffany & Co. and Piaget.

Also one of the leading and exclusive dealers of Watches, BJC is one of the sole agents to Swiss Watches of world repute and also deals with well known Jewellery manufacturers from Italy, France, Germany and Switzerland. The other best selling brands with BJC are Patek Philippe, Franck Muller and Harry Winston, Hublot, Vacheron Constantin and Jeagerle Coultre.

Mr. Iqbal Dhanse says, “We have been regularly participating in the Jewellery Arabia Exhibition, since its inception in 1992. BJC was the motivating force behind the set up of this type of event, and has the largest space among the exhibitors every year, representing world renowned and reputed companies. We undertake all these extra efforts just to bring the renowned names to the Bahrain Exhibition to project our country’s name as a business centre of the region”.

Bansri Jewellery

Named after the flute, Bansri is committed to providing its customers with pure and quality gold, diamond and pearl jewellery sculpted into numerous unique designs.

It caters to a myriad of fashion tastes by offering its customers an extensive collection of jewellery ranging from 18k, 21k and 22k gold to loose diamonds and other precious stones. It also has a wide range of gold and silver bars, 18k gold jewellery studded with diamonds and precious stones and 21k gold studded with natural pearls.

Mr. Chandrakant Kagdada says, “Gold is just metal, but at Bansri we believe it is a medium that connects to the soul of its bearer, and the designs reflect a harmonious blend of style and craftsmanship.We believe that Bansri Jewellery designs transcend the traditional concept of gold and diamond jewellery by evoking raw emotions from it’s bearers, achieved through a rich heritage in the craft, woven with a sophisticated and modern approach to create a blend of jewellery that truly inspires”. For the exhibition it plans to provide its customers with an exclusive diamond set that are certified VVS quality, along with other products such as diamond watches and pens by ZEN.

Sharif Group

Sharif Group popularly known as Mohamed Sharif Mohd & Sons was founded by Mohamed Sharif Al Rayes in 1956. Established in 1960 as a tailoring business during the development of Bahrain’s commercial and retailSharif Group A La Mode industry, it marked an era of fine tailoring in Bahrain. From its humble beginnings, the enterprise has expanded to the trade of a wide collection of timepieces, accessories and garment factory.

Sharif Group has the finest quality of the best brands from around the world showcasing craftsmanship and eminence – a concoction of elegant style with design and a mishmash of style and the new trend. With outlets by the name of ‘A La Mode’ in Seef Mall and City Centre, it sells fashion accessories like ear-rings, bracelets, pendants, rings and watches.

Mr. Waleed says, “We consider our customer loyalty and satisfaction as one of our largest milestones. We shall be launching more new brands in the near future and new collections of our brands with wide ranges and varieties will be displayed at Jewellery Arabia”. A La Mode houses some of the most internationally acclaimed brands like Nina Ricci, Pierre Cardin, Rochas, Festina, By Simon, Esprit, Saint Honore, Toscow, Marvin and Puma.

Depaj Jewellers

depaj jewellersA manufacturer of traditional swords, crafts and daggers, Depaj derives its roots from the legendary sword making ‘Al Sayeghe’ family in Bahrain. It has been around for more than 200 years and its products are very much loved and preferred by the VVIP’s and royal families in Bahrain. Mr. Ahmed M. Al Sayeghe says,Our products are 100 % handmade and a high level of attention is paid to design, details and finishing. We have the enormous responsibility of keeping alive the skill and creativity of traditional arts for today and tomorrow”.

The swords and daggers are usually worn at wedding ceremonies, festivals and formal occasions. Their sheathe is made of one piece and could be gold or silver plated, while the grip could be made from gold, sliver, ivory or bone and are encrusted with diamonds and rubies. Shubriya, a leather cased knife earlier used by Arab women for self defense is now a famed traditional decoration worn around the waist. While Depaj has many items like the Khanjar, Marash, Jubara – a traditional Arabic sword framed with leather, gold and an ivory handle, it is also well known for its coffee pots, wooden boats, royal chests and corporate gifts.

Chhaganlal Khimji Jewellers

Chhaganlal Khimji Jewellers. set up by Mr. Chhaganlal Khimji and now run by his son Rajendra Chhaganlal was established in 1944 at the time when pearling business was alive and flourishing. Mr. Khimji who was a chhaganlal khimji jewellersgoldsmith then turned his passion of working with gold into a business which has inspired his four sons to get into jewelry businesses of their own in Bahrain.

Specialists in gold and pearl jewellery, their ornaments are carefully woven and are passionately and ornately handcrafted with pearls. Crafted in high purity yellow gold the jewels boast of exquisite filigree works. “Jewellery is about trust and tradition. People have good faith in our business. Sometimes old women come up to me and say, ‘I used to get my jewellery made from your father. Now my daughter and grand daughter are getting them done from you’. This is one of our biggest achievements” says Mr. Rajendra Chhaganlal.

“At the exhibition we will be displaying everything in gold and pearl from hair pins and brooches to heavy necklaces. We have participated in jewellery exhibitons in Muscat and UAE but Jewellery Arabia is prestigious as it connects us with a lot of international users”, he continues.

Season’s Trends

All sorts of jewelry can make a person look good and elegant be they blinding or matted. This season gear up for an effortless yet chic appeal with caramel and honey coloured diamonds or yellow and light hardstones. The retro look of the 70’s, beads and bracelets are back to make a statement! For a daytime outfit choose to go with casual jewellery and extravagant for a fancy one.

To all you ladies out there looking forward to a quality shopping experience by utilizing your own sweet time, be sure to check out the ladies morning on the 27th of November 2008. So if you are planning out to make a style statement, weave new memories by gifting your loved ones or maybe even make an investment, Jewellery Arabia is here for you!